Now Scheduling Sod Cuts Through September 18

Plymouth sod cutsWe hear from many homeowners that by the dog days of summer, dense grass has started to grow around the sprinkler heads of their irrigation system.

The problem is that once this happens, the heads will no longer perform as they should. They won’t spray, rotate, or recede properly, which eventually causes damage to the heads.

It’s only common sense to protect your investment.

The solution? It’s not mowing more closely to your sprinkler heads, nor is it getting out the weed-whacker. Both options can further damage the heads.

Your best bet is to have us come out and perform a sod cut using our special tool to cut back the grass around the head.

First, we flag all your heads. Then we cut the overgrown grass, passing through to the root system while being careful not to hit the lines. We smooth out the exposed soil and remove the severed sod from your property, then readjust the heads for proper operation. The sod cut also includes trimming around any visible valve boxes in grassy areas.

It’s wise to have this quick and inexpensive procedure done from time to time, since often in the process bad seals on heads are revealed. We can replace them while we’re there, saving you a service call and ultimately costs on your water bill.

Schedule your sod cut through our online appointment tool below, or call us at (781) 585-0020 for more details. We are lining these appointments up through September 18.

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Ask about our other yard-enhancing services as well, including water features (custom-made ponds, waterfalls, and streams) and nightscaping (landscape lighting).

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