Important Information Regarding 2016’s Winterizing

grass-383284_960_720Due to the water bans in place, we have contacted the water departments in our client-based areas and have been informed that the bans will not be lifted for the remainder of the year.

This year, we’re using the same scheduled day and time we winterized your system last year to help us be more efficient, so we can make sure ALL our customers’ systems (over 900 within 45 days) are winterized before the freeze. Mother Nature is so unpredictable and the Farmer’s Almanac is saying that this winter is going to be a rough one again, with lots of snow.

We’ll be shutting down our online appointment scheduling program. Instead, we will be sending out a customized email with a specific day and time for your town.

You will need to respond back to the email verifying that the date and time work for you. If the allotted appointment does not work for you, please call the office at (781) 585-0020.

If you are unable to be home at the time of winterizing, access to the water shutoff (which we drain out) and controller is needed. If you are not home and we have no access, and it is an agreed appointment, you will be charged an additional return fee of $37.50 to winterize. If you have a well pump that is mounted outside, it is highly recommended that you use the earlier date to protect the pump.

If anyone is interested in ice melt this year, please let us know how many bags you want when you email back your date, so we can make sure we order enough. Last year, ice melt went so quickly that our suppliers ran out and it was very difficult to get any. We will only be offering 50-pound bags this year at $17 per bag.

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