Commercial Grade Ice Melt Available

Advance Ice MeltAdvance High-Tech Commercial Ice Melter is a highly effective ice melting product that works faster and lasts longer, saving you 30% to 35% in salt use.

Advance Ice Melter is less corrosive, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, being safe to use on concrete and grassed areas. It continues to melt ice below -10 degrees Fahrenheit if used as directed.

Advance Ice Melter is pet-friendly because it’s organically based with a low corrosive nature, which means that it’s less irritating to our skin and to the paws of our pets.

We will be delivering 50-lb. Poly bags of the Advance Ice Melter when we come out to winterize irrigation systems. The cost of each 50-lb Poly bag is $18.

Contact us today to order your ice melter by calling (781) 585-0020, or by responding to the individual winterizing email we send you.

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