Pro-Grade Ice Melt

Advance Ice MeltFor the last few years, winter predictions from The Farmer’s Almanac have been right on. This year, they’re unfortunately saying that it’s best to start getting prepared now for Winter 2016-17 because we’re in store for more of what we had last year:

“The Farmer’s Almanac Winter 2016-2017 forewarns that exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid, weather will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter. The Farmer’s Almanac’s long-range weather predictions also suggest shots of very cold weather will periodically reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Get the snow blowers ready in the East and umbrellas in the West! An active storm track will deliver above-normal precipitation to the Southeast, Northeast, and New England states throughout most of the winter, especially February. In addition, another active storm track from the Pacific will deliver a dose of above-normal precipitation across the Western States. Meanwhile, near or below-normal precipitation will cover the nation’s midsection.”

Unless you plan to become a snowbird and head to Florida this winter (which may not be a bad idea!), it’s important to get prepared. Last year, there was a shortage of ice melt at all locations. Suppliers are forewarning that the same will be true this year if the winter is as bad as expected.

The last thing you want to be thinking about when snow drifts are piled up outside your door and your walkway is a sheet of ice is where to get your ice melt. Let us help. We’re stocking up to readily supply our customers. When we come out to winterize your irrigation system, we can stock you up with ice melt to keep your driveways and walkways clear.


As in previous seasons, we’ll once again be offering contractor-grade ice melt this season. Our product is the same quality as that used at banks, colleges, condo units, and corporate businesses. We’re once again using Advance High-Tech Commercial Ice Melter, which we’ve used in the past.


We will be delivering 50-lb Poly bags of Advance High-Tech Commercial Ice Melter. You can order as many as you want or need.


We are able to secure a discounted price due to the increased purchasing power that comes with large-quantity orders. The 50-lb Poly bags are $17.


We’ll deliver your order to you when we come to winterize your sprinkler system, saving you the trip to the store later during inclement weather.


The bags are homeowner-friendly, but the contents inside are professional-grade (a MUCH higher quality than what you would pick up at a Home Depot or Lowe’s – and at a comparable or even cheaper price)!!

Advance High-Tech Commercial Ice Melter is HOT! It is the safer formulation with corrosion inhibitors and fast-acting, long-lasting ingredients that start melting ice almost immediately upon application.

The product is safe for walkways and patios, with a special orange color coating that helps to ensure it is not over-applied, making your money go further.

Here are a few of its additional benefits:

  • Works to -25° F
  • Fast-acting time release formula
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Traction control
  • Safer to handle
  • Non-tracking
  • Safety-coated orange crystals

50-lb poly bag – $17

Order your ice melt when you reply to the email
we’ll send you to schedule your winterizing.

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Winterization Service

Plymouth sod cutsThe fall shutdown is an important part of your irrigation maintenance service.


When we come to winterize your sprinkler system, we shut off the water supply. We then blow in compressed air to evacuate the water from the lines and sprinkler heads, ensuring that they won’t freeze over the winter.


We’re starting our blow outs this year on October 3. As explained above, we’ll be sending each customer a custom email saying which day and time we will be winterizing your system as we did last year. Please reply to confirm your appointment. If you do not confirm, we will not
schedule you.


We’ll come back in the spring for your sprinkler system start-up. At that time, we’ll turn your water supply back on and check all the components to your system for any damage that may have occurred during the winter months.

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