√ Lawn Installation

Our goal is to produce a healthy green lawn for you. If you have an existing lawn that needs rejuvenation, we will power-rake the existing lawn and remove unwanted growth. We’ll then evaluate your soil conditions and apply new topsoil where needed. We’ll regrade and finish raking the area in preparation for hydroseeding. If you have a new home, we’ll take a look at what you’ve got for soil, and bring in fresh topsoil prior to hydroseeding your yard.

√ Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the process of combining seed, mulch, fertilizer, and soil amendments with water. This mix is called a slurry, which is then applied with pressure into the soil by a hydroseeder for grass seed germination. We recommend using this method of installing your lawn, over the hand-sown and sodding methods. The reasons why include lower costs, shorter installation time, better long-term health due to a more deeply-established root system, greater resistance to environmental changes, and a faster germination time. Hydroseeding is also terrific for erosion control, and is completely non-toxic. (See our FAQ page for more details.)

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